History Of Golf In The Olympics

It was in 1900 that Golf was included as a competitive game in the world of sports as part of the Olympics. It was featured in the programme in Paris for the very first time. Despite going so back in time, the history of Golf in the event is quite brief. Golf has been part of the Olympics only thrice – 1900, 1904 and now in 2016. The 2020 games in Tokyo have also included golf in the programme. It is after this that the International Olympic committee will determine the remaining fate of the game in what is considered to be the Be all and end all of all Sporting events.
Amongst all the nations that have participated in the Olympics event, ten medals have been won by the United States of America. Great Britain has won two whilst Canada has been awarded one. Of all the gold medals won, US took three and Canada, one. Golf has been absent during all the Olympic events that have taken place between 1908 to 2012. The reason for the lack of participation of the game in the 1908 Olympic Summer games at London, England was that though the participants had travelled to the site where the game was scheduled to take place the tournament was cancelled at the very last minute. The organisers could not agree on the given format. Learn about mizuno at www.thegolfshoponline.co.uk .
In 2009, the international Olympic committee voted to bring back the game for a two event test run. This is scheduled to take place in 2016 and 2020.
It has now been more than a century since golf has been a part of the Olympics. Olympics now returns and with a bang at that. The event for the men will take place from August fourteenth to August eighteenth. The women’s event will fall from August eighteenth to August twenty first. Both the men’s and the women’s tournament will take place. Only individual medals will be awarded. A total of sixty men and women will be part of the event. The world golf rankings will determine the players who are eligible to participate in the event. Two wild cards per country will be provided for those who did not make this list.
The Zika Virus has been creating havoc this year. Players have been using this as an excuse to get out of participating in the 2016 Olympics. There is a feeling out there that had the format and the traditional form of play been the same as before, the game could have generated more interest from who have been considered as the world’s best players. Tiger Woods has also backed this emotion saying that a format of match-play would have drawn more players towards participating in the event.
Individual players qualify for the Olympics individually as golf is basically an individual event. The players could qualify in their own respective countries by playing the format of match-play. This enables the players to achieve their real Olympic dream.
An added 72 hole stroke play is mildly put, very uninspiring. Television coverage is also difficult. Match play highlights all the packages barring the finals. This is the old school and possibly the most liked method of representing Golf in all its glory. A two week fest with multiple events takes preference over the media coverage.